Take a look at the history of the Adirondack Mountains and Indian Lake...

The Adirondack Mountains were formed about 1.1 billion years ago and are considered the Jewel of the Northeast. Two thousand lakes and ponds shine like diamonds throughout the mountains. Six thousand miles of rivers run down mountains and through valleys. More than 70% of the entire area is blanketed in trees.

The Adirondacks are a wonder, a place of unparalleled beauty, a land of contrasts, paradoxes and inconsistencies. Rich men and poor men have loved these mountains as have loggers, hunters, fishermen, writers, artists and conservationists, as well as illiterate hermits wanting to get away from it all. The Adirondacks have a reputation of being friendly as well as very harsh.

Famous people and events have been part of these mountains while putting their mark on history. To name a few, Teddy Roosevelt technically became president of the U.S. about 2:15am on a foggy, pitch-black trail somewhere between Tahawas and North Creek; John Brown's body was brought back to his farm in North Elba; Rockwell Kent lived in Keene Valley. Some other visitors and residents included Emerson, the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys and the Rockefellers, as well as Almanzo Wilder of "Little House" fame. The Olympics took place here in 1932 and 1980. Emerson wrote, "Nature was the part of Creation closest to God." The Adirondacks are certainly God's Country, no matter what the season may be.